Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Since I've been home with my boy, I've found that life is a series of moments. I'm not being philosophical here, this is just a fact. I don't have grand, long-term plans or projects anymore; everything important, good or bad, seems to happen in little bits. The focus of my life is small, and so are the highlights of each day.

A few months ago I had a super-duper experience, and my brain turned it into a haiku (probably because I'm not a good enough writer to make any more difficult poetry). I ended up with:

Something smells awful.
Simon's ass has exploded.
Grossest poop ever.

I liked it. It spoke to me. And yes, I am aware that small things amuse small minds, so there's no need to tell me, thanks. Soon after came my next great burst of creativity:

Simon was cranky,
Then he puked all over me.
Now he is happy.

A friend suggested that I should write a book called "Gross Haikus That You Can Use", but I found out later that a mommy has already done a book of haikus about mommying (though I have to say that hers lack the lyrical vulgarity that mine have). Darned if I can think of what it's called, but it's out there. Still, I'm enjoying condensing my life into bite-sized morsels of haiku-y goodness, so I'm going to keep writing them. You can see The Daily Haiku (obviously not so good with the titles, either) at

Go ahead and look.
If you don't like my haikus,
you can just bite me.

Or just not look at that site again... but that didn't fit into the haiku.


Anonymous said...

LOVING the haikus.
p.s. did kim tell you we've booked our flights? i'm so excited!

Anonymous said...

I love it!!!!! Explain to me how you have time to be so creative? You have a house to keep, a baby you are a wonderful mom to, a husband you're a wonderful wife to, and dog that needs constant attention and you can still find a creative brain cell.

Anonymous said...

i made one for you...

we are coming there
to the land of newfoundland
hope the plane won't crash.

Anonymous said...

my turn, my turn!!

i hate the hiccups;
four times in one day just sucks.
not a pleasant time.

(in light of my hiccup plight yesterday)

Anonymous said...

I read your Haiku
Witty, versatile and gross
They seize the moment.